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Awnings are ideally suited to the Queensland lifestyle. Awnings are an effective way of preventing solar heat gain through windows by stopping heat before it reaches the glass. They can offer great protection from the morning and afternoon sun, as well as allowing you to enjoy outside entertaining areas for extended times of the year.

Awnings are the most effective option for slowing down the heat entering your home. It can often mean the difference of 5-15 degrees on an uncovered window, and that’s before you start up the air-conditioning! We offer sleek modern solutions that roll up out of sight for a clean finish.

Adjustable awnings and steel louvers are a great option if you require different lighting during parts of the day.

Fixed frame awnings are also available if you need protection over a door to keep the rain out. What about a folding arm awning that is fitted with a motor and remote control (manual operation available).

Awnings come in a variety of colours and fabrics. The three most popular fabrics are Canvas, Acrylic and Sunscreen Fabric. The correct awning fabrics are designed for outside use and many carry 5+ year warranty on the fabric alone.

Canvas Awning Fabric is 100% blockout and is treated to resist stains and mildew. Canvas is available in a great variety of the traditional colours.

Acrylic Awning Fabric can let some light in but is still very protective from the sun. A huge range of modern colours, and finishes, including a water proof range.

Sunscreen Awning Fabric while still blocking out 90% of the heat and glare from the window, sunscreen awning fabrics allow you to see out of your window and enjoy the view during the day. Ideal for homes with water views where the glare off the water can take away from enjoying the view.

There is an increasing trend for a modern look for awnings with the matt colours of charcoal, heritage green, cream, and primrose being the most popular. There are over 50 colours to choose from in either a waterproof acrylic fabric or sunscreen fabric.

“Reskin” your Awning with New Fabric

Awnings have the ability to “freshen up” the look of your windows. If you have an old awning that is still working, but the fabric is dated or mouldy, a “re-skin” or “re-cover is an inexpensive way to give it a new lease of life. An awning recover is often half of the price of a new one.

We can provide:

  • Automatic Awnings
  • Pivot Arm Awnings
  • Roll Down Awnings
  • Folding Arm Awnings

Automatic Lock Arm Awning

Not so much automatic, but it folds away easily (automatically). Arguably the most popular and affordable awning. An Auto Lock Awning is ideal for ground floor locations, where you can pull them down and let them fold away by standing next to them. Having the various levels you can stop the awning at gives you great versatility with letting just the right amount of air and sun into through the window.

Automatic lock arm awnings are not really suited to anything above the ground floor as they cannot have internal controls, so it makes them hard to open and close if they are too high up.

Pivot Arm Awnings

Great for upstairs or downstairs. The arms actually pivot out from the window, so you do have a bit of space between the awning and the window. The arm length can be specified if you want it shorter or longer, but this awning is still not suitable to sit under. Pivot Arm Awnings on the Central Coast can be motorized or have easy to operate internal controls, meaning you can open and close them from inside the room they are attached to. The internal controls for your awning are a box and a cord that you can wind with a handle from the inside with minimum effort. Motorized awnings can be operated with a remote control or hard wired and have a switch on the wall

Roll Down Awning

Similar to an internal roller blind, these awnings have the mechanics and fabric to withstand the weather outside.

A number of different variations mean you can have them as a spring loaded up and down control, a rope and pulley control, a wire guided control (where the fabric is hooked onto wire guides on either side or moves up and down) or motorized.

The wire guided rolls down awnings are ideal to motorise and add sun and wind sensors. This means they can be controlled with a remote, or hard wired to your home electricity or Cbus system. You can also add sun and wind sensors to these awnings.

These types of awnings can be made as the PVC Cafe Style of awning that you see in a lot of outside dining areas of restaurants and cafes (known as Cafe Style Awnings). However the most popular fabrics are acrylic in plain matt colours of charcoal, heritage green and cream, or sunscreen fabrics in similar colours. As well as blocking the heat from your windows around your house, these awnings are great for enclosing an outside Patio or deck area for privacy.

Folding Arm Awning

Extend your outside entertaining area all year round, without the cost of a builder! A folding arm awning arms extend horizontally so you can sit underneath it. Folding Arm Awnings are ideal for Patios, beside a pool, over a desk, or even extending the dining area of a restaurant or café. Folding Arm awnings are great for creating another living area in a stylish contemporary way.

The opening and closing controls can be operated by a crank handle, or they can motorised. The fabric can only be acrylic or sunscreen fabric because the weight of canvas would be too heavy for the awning to cope with. The fabric of the awning can be held within a cassette, so when it folds away, the fabric and components are completely protected from the weather and general wear and tear.

Some of our folding arm awning models have adjustable pitch angle available for the awning. This allows you to control the amount of heat and sun by easily adjusting the arm supports.

The attachment supports of our folding arm awnings are made of 40×40 steel to provide strong support for your awning. The aluminium extruded arms make them robust and stable against the harsh Australian sun. The internal operating chains are made of marine grade stainless steel.

This awning can be fitted with sun and wind sensors, where the awning automatically adjusts and can bring itself out or in depending on the weather. A folding arm awning can be motorized and controlled by remote, or hard wired into your home or Cbus system.

Why would you want a Folding Arm Awning?

The most popular reasons people choose this style of awning is if they have a deck area that is very exposed. They don’t want the expense of a permanent structure, as the main time the area is the most uncomfortable and unusable is in the unbearable heat of summer. Alternatively having something permanent in winter would make the house darker and colder.

A Folding Arm awning works by the arms extending in and out, a little like your elbows. It extends horizontally allowing under-cover canopy style protection that can instantly create an outside entertaining area protected from the sun. With the ability to be retracted back into its cradle, it allows your entertaining area to be completely open during the winter month, leaving you to enjoy the warm winter sun.

The most popular colours are stripes or block colours matching the gutters or fascias of your home. A new range of waterproof acrylic fabrics are now on the market that gives you that added confidence if the weather turns bad and you are entertaining.

Folding Arm awnings can be mounted to a wall, a pergola, high next to the guttering, or under the eave of your home. It is important to get a qualified installer to check where you want it installed for the best safety, as folding arm awnings are very heavy and must be installed correctly.

A folding arm awning can have widths of up to 10 metres wide and up to 4 metres projection, however most people use them to create a retractable canopy style roof of an exposed deck with water or pool views. In commercial situations restaurants and cafes add them to the front of their building to add to their undercover dining area.

On certain styles of awnings the pitch or the angle of the projection of the awning can be adjusted to allow water to run off. Another option is to add “selectapitch” which gives you the option of adjusting the awning completely vertical or horizontal to protect from the setting or midday sun.
Folding Arm Stratos 1 with Hood

It is usually operated by a crank handle with a hook. The hook is removable when not in use. When needed the crank handle hooks onto a leaver and the operator winds the pole multiple times to wind the awning in and out. A folding arm awning can also be motorised either with a remote control operation, or a wall switch operation.

Make no mistake; the biggest enemy of a folding arm awning is wind. Many fabrics can handle light sprinkles of rain and as long as they are folded away dry and clean, the fabric can last many years. However an awning left extended and out in severe wind can cause a tremendous amount of damage to both the awning and your home. If left out and exposed it may not be covered by its warranty.

For such a considerable and useful investment it is often recommended to get the awnings motorised, and then get the added feature of a “sun & wind sensor”. This mechanism can be programmed to activate the awning automatically and fold it away if the wind gusts get too high. Alternatively, if you use the awning to protect a side of your house from harsh westerly sun, you can have the sun sensor programme the awning to automatically extend and protect your window when the sun gets too hot.

A folding arm awning is a specialised awning and should be fitted by a qualified awning fitter or carpenter. Contact Toowoomba Shade and Canvas to get expert, specialised advice and service.

Which ever awning you decide is best for your needs, Toowoomba Shade and Canvas can provide you with a solution to delight you. Call today for a free measure and quote.


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